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Top:  Bioenergetic Assessment    

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Astar Healing Jan 29
State (US) or Country:Other; City:other;
  Distant Healing, Bioenergy/Biorgonomy, Psycokinesis, Reiki,Subconscious, by phone or FaceBook mail,to the root of reason why- Therapy  

Bioenergetic Testing and Holistic Nutrition Jan 11
Name:Absolutely Holistic with Sara Ashe, RHN; State (US) or Country:Canada; City:Halifax;
  Successfully healed her incurable thyroid disease with personalized food choices and lifestyle changes! Sara reclaimed her health and is now teaching others how to take charge of their own nutritional well-being.  

Choose Vibrant Health! Jan 6
Name:Pure Source Healing; State (US) or Country:NC; City:ASHEVILLE;
  LSA Pro/Elite BioEnergetic Assessment with Sam Shugrue, CNHP- Virtual testing can be done anywhere you have access to the internet. Rent, borrow or purchase a hand cradle today! Listen to your body!  

Holistic Alternatives Nov 18
Name:Donna LaClare; State (US) or Country:FL; City:STUART;
  LSA Pro BioEnergetic Assessment for People & Their Pets. Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Baths. Amega Zero Point Energy Wanding . Professional Grade Supplements, Herbals & Homeopathics for People & Pets  

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